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SPiN Racing:
Hello all...

Sooo Im back.. been a long while.
So for those that dont remember me or know me... (no I didnt post a lot) I was a Server Administrator.. who bought a Bridgeport and a lathe. And learned all my fundamentals here. Learned a world of core things that are now second nature.
Learned that a lot I was doing wasn't working with HSS.. because I was turning Surgical Stainless and other silly metals..
I made a lot of tools and items people made here.. and still use them today.
I still semi-regularly use my Division Master. LOVE IT.. and its great to impress friends who know what is what.

After a layoff, and my Fathers passing.. a change to IT Director at a regional company. Kids in high school and college moving out etc etc.

Finally at 52.. I decided I am tired of being the IT guy.. and wanted to make a world less money, but enjoy going to work.

SO... I casually looked around.. and ended up becoming an apprentice Mold maker.  Soooo yeah. At 52. I am designing molds in Solidworks (Already had skills but not in teh application) and creating toolpaths in Mastercam, (have it already for my mini CNC I have).. and spending a WORLD of time hand fitting and polishing mold cores, doing EDM work.. creating carbon cores, and burning wiring and making a world of things.
The shop I work at repairs and creates new molds for the industry. and we modify a lot of molds people already have.

Things I thought I knew... a Thou is close enough... BZZZZT.  Now at work I am working to tenths and hundredths all day.
A grinder isn't some thing on a pedestal.. its a 6 decimal place precision tool that I had no clue of how magical they could be LOL..

SO yes.. I wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful stuff. I am now standing on my feet all day with cramped fingers from polishing off burrs and or polishing up mold surfaces with stones. LOL And honestly its a world better than sitting in a chair getting bitched at by people with ZERO PC skills, who dont understand that re-boots patches and installs take time. LOL

I dont think I can post any pics of the things I am working on.. much of it has NDAs, and or might be related to gubment things that are not ok.. or possibly firearm related things that might break the internet. LOL

BUT I can post stuff that I am doing at home LOL. :)

Thanks again all.


--- Quote from: SPiN Racing on December 17, 2019, 09:39:12 PM ---Things I thought I knew... a Thou is close enough... BZZZZT.  Now at work I am working to tenths and hundredths all day.
--- End quote ---
Hi SPiN  --  You will have to watch out for Material Properties in SolidWorks as many of them (Poisson's Ratio in particular) are wrong!  --  Lew

Hiya Spin!!

Welcome back!

Congrats on the change of work. One day, I will make it there.


Howdy SPiN....Sounds like a great career improvement.

Also got you on the Googlymap....


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