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My week this week, my workshop videos!

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Hi Chaps, many of you have suggested that I post all my videos in one thread, and I have decided to give it a go and see how it works out. From now on I will post in this thread every week, starting with these offerings. As usual some things go right, and some don't. You do have to be carefull with the Gopro as the tiny touch screen makes it really easy to touch the wrong button without noticing, hence there is a second slideshow of the pics I took when I thought I was shooting video. I think a second camera may be on the cards! Hope you enjoy these, and remember to like, comment, and subscribe! Thanks for watching!

Hi chaps! Not much time spent in the workshop this week, but managed to get a bit done, failures and succeses! and as an added bonus, a car repair, you can't be without a heater this weather! Enjoy, and subscribe if you like it!
East Yorkshire.

Hi all, as usual, I didnt get s full week in the workshop this week, but fitted s new motor to the old fan housing, which is much more powerful, and very efficient, but I heed to modify the flue as well before I can tell if the problem is solved. It certainly works better than it did! Enjoy, like and comment , and as usual thanks to you all for taking an interest in my channel and thanks and welcome to all the new subscribers!
East Yorkshire

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My week this week, got a couple of useful days in, and some part days, built up the new flue, but will be fitting it next week weather permitting, tried out a bit of TIG cam, but I need to cover the back of the mask to prevent reflections, so will do some more soon. You really will learn absolutley nothing from my TIG "skills" save to say that I can make a fair job of steel, but find aluminium much harder, which, by all acounts, it is! Thanks for watching and subscribing, leave comments and any questions you may have (why are you such a T*aT) is not a valid question, and anyway, I don't know the answer!
Enjoy, subscribe, laugh!



Aluminum is all about clean and good fitup.  Heavy stuff (even 1/4") loves preheating; totally fixes that "where the heck did my heat go?" Problem.

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