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Bruder Manitou 2150 - RC conversion

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Just use a small series resistor and measure voltage across it...  you need to make sure that the analog input can measure to the rails, though.

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OK, not so much of an update on the 2150, more of an update to a thread I started on another site.  That site seems to have vanished without a trace.  I have been looking for color matches in filament to the plastic that Bruder uses.  I swore that I wasn't gonna do it anymore, but...  I ordered another spool of another color of red, to see if it matched.  It didn't, too dark and more of a wine color.   Iron Red this one was called from Paramount.  OH well, yup - I swore all right.  I suppose I can always use it to print stuff for use in my shop.

The Pantone 3546C filament from Matterhackers is about the closest match I can find for the red, it's a little too bright but I'll live with it.  The closest match that I had been able to find for the yellow was Coex's Construction Yellow, I got a sample from them but it's a little too dark.  I see that they now have a Green Bay yellow that might be an even better match, I'll try getting a sample of that and see how it matches up to the yellow Bruder uses.

Busy getting my dust collector set up - so that I can get to work on putting my CNC router together.  A CNC router without dust collection is a mess waiting to happen.  Currently that CNC router is a box of printed parts, and hopefully all the other Bits and Bob that I'll need to build it.  That box has been sitting in my living room mocking me for just about long enough now.  Some of those parts will be pretty good sized when bolted together.  I printed them on my D6, so I had to print them in multiple pieces, now that I've got my MP10 - HMMMM....  Nope, that'll be the MkII version.


Good to see you return!  :coffee:

Oh, I LURK here most every day.  I've just been working on other projects and haven't done anything related to this project for a while - other than finding ANOTHER shade of red filament that's not a match to the Bruder color.  I did ask Coex about getting a sample of their Green Bay yellow to see how close a match that is to the yellow Bruder uses for their construction equipment, it's on its' way.

I stumbled across the files on Thingiverse for an RC Benchy, in a much larger scale than the original.  I loved it, and I've got most of the big pieces printed.  Mainly just the cabin left to print.  Maybe I'll start a new thread on that project.


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