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I would like to make a kaleidoscope, about fifteen or more inches long, similar to one that I knew in my childhood.
I don't mind - I expect - to spend time experimenting, but has anyone any advice on basic principles?
Thanks in advance.

I'm sure there are heaps of instructions around, but it is basically 3 long mirrors in a triangle, usually inside a tube.

A basket of some sort at one end to hold a few colourful things, an eyepiece at the other to look into.


Thanks for the reply.
I have bought cheap mirrorcard ready to make a prototype.
My memory of the one from childhood (during the early years of WW2) is of a triangular tube with the far end cut at an angle and a short length of one of the three sides cut back for light to fall in onto the front, viewed, side of the pretty bits. The ones I have seen so far are simpler, letting all the light in from the rear, opposite end to the eye, so the picture is not as bright as it could be. I wonder about the angle of the back end panel and whether it should also be transparent, or block the light off to enhance the light from the cut-away side piece. The angle will affect the picture, no doubt.
Could a better picture be produced by a four- or five-sided tube?
I will experiment and find the best design. I also would like to have not just one set of colourful bits, but a rotating 'magazine' of three or four, each giving a different type of picture eg tone, stars and planets etc.
I wonder whether I should have started this!

Hi Ven,
      The Kaleidoscopes from my 78yr old memory banks had a backlit end but the coloured bits were transparent coloured glass or plastic if this gives you any  help / ideas.   I think I can recall the odd one with a rotating end piece but the details are lost in the cobwebs.
   After a quick search for Kaleidoscope plans. Towards the bottom of this page there may be some ideas??
John B

Excellent: I hadn't found that site. I will read and absorb, slowly.


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