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STEPPERONLINE has been specialized in stepper motor and driver for over 10 years. As a customer orientated company, STEPPERONLINE has been offering high-quality, affordable products and exceptional customer services, which has been widely acclaimed by customers from over 30 countries.

In order to express our appreciation to all customers for your support, we are offering big discounts on some hot sale products, up to 43% off! You will find the cheapest stepper motors, bldc motors, stepper drivers and CNC kits from here 

Brushless DC Motor eliminates the carbon brush and slip ring structure, so it can run at low speed and high power. In addition, Brushless DC Motor has excellent torque characteristics, good medium and low speed torque performance, large starting torque and small starting current.

Hi Peter,

I appreciate the posts about your discounts etc... I do want to make it clear, I let vendors post here if they are in good standing and contribute to the forum and not use this as free advertising.

Please contribute or I will remove these posts as it seems as it is just advertising.


Pure coincidence but I stumbled across stepperonline sale adds the day before I saw this.  Some of the prices were quite good but when I tried to purchase all I got was only "available from Estonia" and no shipping available to Canada.



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