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How do you box your trasures?

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I have few tools that came with cheap plywood boxes and were DOA.

One will need practically all new innards, cheap box, cheap taping head set, probably will hack up something to suplement rigidy or dump contents into plastic box....

But there are some tools that deserve proper box.

Saw this:

But hinges and hardware that is available on local hardware store is outright ugly. I understand that to mount the hinges inside (as is tradition) would demand more wood or tiny hinges.

And those locks/clasps, they are getting worse and worse every ear. I don't like magnets near my tools. I have made a jewelery box that had magnets, they worked fine, but not near my tools.



Amazon for the tiny hinges? Most of my wooden-boxed tools have little hooks & eyes, these are really hard to find, but a search on Amazon/eBay for "Dolls house hooks" brought up some likely (if not particularly elegant) candidates.

Ready made boxes. :med:


--- Quote from: efrench on September 20, 2019, 02:39:41 PM ---Ready made boxes. :med:

--- End quote ---

You may also need one of these to fit your micrometer in it  :lol:

The easiest to do is a sliding lid , I make my boxes with half lap joints doubles the glue area , and a half lap for the lid into a groove cut the grove off from one side , and the sides should line up .


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