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Melting pot


tom osselton:
Is anyone familiar with this? I picked up this melting pot when I went to the Makerspace it was on the free shelf it says max temperature is 1000 degrees f so Iím thinking lead, Babbitt, and French fries. :D
 Iíve plugged it in but no joy.
Hmmm pics donít seem to want to load Iíll try later.

tom osselton:
Ok just had to reboot my tablet.

There seems to be a part missing though the contacts donít get pulled in, Iím thinking it needs another controller / power source to pull it in using the strange plug this is where the k type probe wires would go to also.

I have another temp control ( basic) and a solid state relay would it be better to just gut it and go that route?

I'd keep the contactor.  Yes, you need a controller, with enough of an SSR to operate the contactor.

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tom osselton:
Thatís what I thought thinking about it last night seeing as there is not a on off switch on it power would be needed to close the switch. Iíll see if I can source a plug like that, another concern is the thermalcoupling what wire would be used for that is there a special type or can I use regular 16 gauge?

tom osselton:
Iíve got it running by jury rigging it with power  :wack: and finally shutting it down at 540 degrees so now Iíll pick up a plug or replace the connectors.


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