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Hi from south wales

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Hi all

Pete from south wales, very old not much hair to speak of.
I have a electronics design company (just me mainly and some part time people for windows software and mechanical design).
The usual stuff analogue digital / embedded controllers . Emc etc but to a very very high level.. When I say high I mean stupid levels of performance !.

I'm lucky to have a very well equipped lab and get to do things I love for less than minimum wage !

On the mechanical side I have a Thiel manual mill and a smart and brown lathe plus A Denford quattro cnc milling machine with heidenhain controller.


Welcome aboard Pete, sounds like you should fit in just fine  :thumbup:

John Rudd:
Welcome from me too.....I'd be interested in what projects you have/had electronics wise....bit of a hobby of mine, although I'm no designer..!

LOL Hi Pete from another engineer doing what he loves on same pay scale as yourself.  I mess about machining plastics and 3D printing mostly.  Outside of that, I dabble in whatever takes my fancy.  Look forward to seeing some of what you get upto.

Hi Pete welcome, not an engineer just a muck-abouter in retirement  :thumbup:


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