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Miniatyre portable smoke machine - green smoke?

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Daughter needs green smoke from prop "gun" for animecon type event.

* Safe, no obnoxious chemicals or pyrotechnics.
* Portable, battery operated.
* few second bursts of smoke from a trigger pull, no need for room filling amount of smoke, but 2 metre long "plume" would be ideal.
* Least 10 plumes before "reloading".

Thinking of something like this and a coaxial green light:

After watching it few times, I realize there are few hitches....


Thank you

How about incorporating a green low powered laser in it or a green led?

Something like that.

I tested last night wide beam laser (50mW, 16 mm beam width), have to test it with a smoke (that I don't have).

I also ordered a angel eye ring led light (something like 1W) to test that too.

The smoke production and fan combination has got me stumped. Mains operated and most portable ones are slow to start. Those  vaping type seems to be fast to start, but very limited on capacity.

I did some search and looks like right amount of smoke would need over 70W, but less than 300W heating and very little of smoke fluid.

Although I can't estimate if vape type few ml smoke fluid reservoir and works would be correct type to start or would winding my own heating coil be the correct way to go.

Those vape thingys has perry much everything ready, but still need work.

Then again DIY heater coil does not sound too complicated (I have done some styrox foam cutting and several controllers), but fast responce means pretty small coils with low resistance and that type buck current mode converters are not too common.

This type falls short:

Now I am thinking two different avenues:

1: "Smoke ball" on demand: Vape type fast response and smoke is generated while fan blows it out of the "barel"

2: Pre generated volume of smoke in reservoir and purge with a fan out of barel. This prop has a resrservoir that could be filled with smoke in something like 10 sec and then "blasted" out fastest possible with green light.
* I don't know how long smoke stays good and how that purge would affect on it.
* Probably heating coil would be whole lot less critical with current demand and all, because there is longer time available.

I have no idea, I don't use vape and I don't have a smoke machine.


I THINK that vaporizing the fluid just needs heat.  Thus, you could have a block with tubing buried in it (or a lot of holes in it), and inject fluid when you needed a lot of smoke.  The thermal mass would give you a high.peak power output without needing a lot of continous power.  It needs insulation, of course, and high thermal conductivity.  You could increase your output by preheating your fluid too.

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That is interesting idea. Apparently proper smoking temp is just above 200C and smoke machines use around 250-260C if I have got it right.

PTC Aluminum Ceramic Heater 12V 220C  5-28W, that probably would do it, but probably would need a long time to "preheat"?

What about stacking two and sandwitch a glasfibe mat between them as a wick where a hypodermic needle would introduce the fluid?



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