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2" U-section roller wheels?


Hi everyone, this is my first post, I'm wondering if anyone can help;

I've been scouring the internet for roller wheels which can run on 2" tube rails.. I am trying to design a rolling dolly which will run on scaffold beams as rails but I'm struggling to find anything that will fit. The closest I can find are rollers for cantilevered chainlink gates but these seem to be only in America.

Any ideas? If I really can't find anything perhaps I'll try casting some in aluminium.

I sourced some engineering plastic hydraulic hose guide pullies that are the shape that you want to guide the hoses on my fork lift truck. They came iirc with an integral inner bearing. They were on eBay.

Sorry about the grainy picture but it's dark where it is !

Material Handling section of eBay has quite a few different sizes - here is an example

I came up with a junkyard solution, 2 brake disks bolted together with the neck and lid of an oil bottle to shim it down to 50mm. The aim is to make a 2 way rolling gantry using scaff tubes as rails and axles.

I'm thinking to make a really nice bearing I could melt some aluminium with some lead, lie the roller on its side with the axle tube sticking up and fill up the hub around it with molten metal. Cool, turn it over and repeat and it would produce a tight fitting soft alloy bearing. Not sure I'll get round to that though.


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