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Clock stopped

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Leave the weights alone they are correct for the clock mechanism. It doesn't take much dirt to cause a bit of friction and to cause it to stop.


P.S. It can get a bit exciting when the catgut holding the weights breaks in the small hours of the morning   :palm:

Only oil the journals and the escapement not the teeth .

I knew a "clockie" who swore by putting the movement to boil on a stove in a pan of soapy water, and you should see the muck that comes out! I suppose  todays equivalent would be an ultra sonic cleaner, and then carfully examine the side plates for any wear at the pivots, if they all look reasonable, all well and good, carefully and minimally oil the pivots and the spring (if it has one) and then set it op on a bench and run it. As said above, usually dust and gummed up oil that stops them, but if there are worn pivot holes, they can be bushed.

Thank you one and all, oil was bought today, tomorrow i go out on the motorcycle to meet up with a mate..
So looks as if it will be Wednesday now, i will post back when cleaned and oiled...

Sorry all i forgot about this after i had had my Operation..
A good (gentle) clean and a lube job did the trick..took about 5 days for the chimes to get back into sync thou..
Many thanks all.


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