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Brent Crude:
Evening, all! After a few messages with one of the resident mods here, Iíve registered and will be nosing around with interest at all the shenanigans youíve been up to.
My name is Cliff. Iím into machine tools and have been since starting work for Hurco in 1983. Iíve spent half of my life roaring around the country installing and repairing CNC machining centres and now spend most of my days in internal tech support and fitting out unusual machining cells with robots and other oddball options.
This place looks very intriguing and Iím looking forward to being part of it!

Welcome to the forum Cliff, sounds like you will fit in splendidly :thumbup:

Do you confine your machine activities to working hours, or are you also a "man with a shed" ?

Brent Crude:
Hi, Andrew. Iím afraid I donít currently tinker with iron in my shed! Normally, the lunacy that it daytime gives me my fix. We are given free rein to play with whatever machinery we like to do any little projects we may have going on. Iíd dearly love to put one of our little CNCs in my garage though but the missus would never see me again!

Hi Brent  :wave:

Welcome to the collective :borg:

Would like to hear a bit more about the "little CNCs"


tom osselton:
Welcome Brent! Iím hoping you know something about a 95 Cincinnati Avenger 250t that Iím going to post about soon.


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