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Mill/drill quil stop and postion measurement


Got one of these popular drill/mill combo and quite like it.

Installed DRO and that is definate improvement. However spindle stop is not tha great and spindle depth measurement is next to useless.

Saw this video, a little different mill, but very similar spindle construction.

Stop looks good and would be possible to make with only minimal changes. Good.

What about spindle postion measurement. I actually like the idea of local measurement display.

Any experience on this sort of scales:

Or the type that has separate display.

I'm trying to find a model that has big and clear display.


ArcEuro have the scales with a separate display.

I use one for the z-axis on my mill. The only problem I found is that the display turns off after a short time of inactivity - but it does retain the position when turned back on again.

Fit a backlight to the display, it only need be an LED to side light the display, but this makes a huge difference.

Good info thank you.

That automatic power save sounds annoying. Luckily value does not zero on power up - like it does on one cheap caliper I have.

Build "prototype" some time ago, hence only "busines ends" of the parts are finished and rest of them looks garden engineering.

And because the cover was off I added RPM-display, big red LED display, but reading update is slow and program appears to writen by 3 years old using Basic.

My approach is slighty different compared to Sefan's construction, the mechanical idea is very much similar and rod/stop is almost 1:1 same construction - even with epoxy and release wax.

Difrerence comes in that my mill is diferent and there was even less space at the front of the spindle, I needed to make parts smaller and snag off 2 mm from casting.

Instead of DTI I put cheap scale on the side, seems to work fine.



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