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DiY angle grinder wheel comparision


Usually "tests" and "comparisons" are pretty lame. Ave is exception honelstly subjective and lclearly not pribed and corrpted than most of them.

Now I found ONE pretty good video, not definate authority on the field but way better and informative than 99% stuff on the interweb.

Now I want the Norton wheel - not because it it best in some areas, but because it comes with integral nut!



Interesting! I have trouble finding grinding disks on any kind! Here in France, it would appear that the grinding disks have been replaced by flap wheels. I'm "economical" I like grinding wheels for rough grinding! Back in the day, there were grinders that were between the 230mm and the 125mm which would take the wheels from the 230mm when they were worn down!I never owned one, Grinders were way to expensive!

Regards, Matthew

That is interesting! Here in Finland there is huge selection of different cutout and grinding discs many major brands, but also low price/quality wheels.

Problem is finding economical quality wheels....even low price ones seems not to explode, but are often marginal in other aspects. I am very partial to brand wheels, they just seem perform most consistent.

One thing though is that I choose cutoff wheels according to material - it makes all the difference.

I don't buy bulk, sometimes 10 or 20(25 packs on cut-off wheels are closest "bulk" I buy because these don't age well (organic binder).

Anomality here (compared to US and maybe another countries) is that common cut off wheel sizes are 115, 125 and next is 230 mm. 150 and 178 mm diameters seems to be here non existent.

I want into this conversation. About 15 years ago I bought 100 grinding wheels for something on the order of $50.00 USD delivered. They are Chinese made as would be anything you buy at Harbor Freight though I got these off Ebay.. I don't know how they would do in the test shown in the video but they have given great service. I gave a package of 25 to a friend that later raved about them.. I have 60 left so have only used up about 15 of them.. No way would I pay $6.00 for a grinding wheel.. These are the hole in the center type.

  I used the threaded type for flap wheels and cup wire wheels and the threaded type is much easier to change so I like both types.


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