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Cast iron Sash window weights

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Has anybody found sash window weight a useful source of  Cast Iron? Or are they too varied with hard spots to be usable?

I have just been given a dozen


Mike E.:
They make great weights for bottom fishing off shore, Seriously, they seem to drop to the bottom faster and I would be reeling up fish while others on the boat were still peeling out line, less tangles for me as well.

I brought four home from work, two smaller and two larger. There wan't a whole lot of difference between the sizes I think the larger ones were maybe 30% bigger but the two small ones were unmachinable and the two larger machined quite nicely. I've made quite a few bits and bobs from them.

Bottom line - it's a lottery. Depends on how quickly they were chilled I guess.

I do not have a lot of experience in these things, but i do have some that came from a Very old house. One or two that are 4 feet long most round but again three or four that are square. All machine very well and not come across any hard spots ...YET!

You can always soften them again, heat to white hot and cool slowly.

Here's a large square one glowing nicely in my 100 kw induction furnace when I had it set up back in  2007

(just had to manually ramp down the power setting so it cooled slowly rather like you would with a pottery kiln to avoid cracking, which was easy as it's a  big knob on the control panel!)


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