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Data Recovery from BIG hard drives!?!?

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Pete W.:
Hi there, all,
My lovely but shy assistant and I are currently attempting to recover data from a friend’s hard drive.  (Well, she is the one doing the actual work.)
There is a bit of a problem:  The drive is 3 Terabytes in size and it’s in an enclosure that only permits USB-3 access, we can’t employ eSATA that might have permitted a faster data rate.  The recovery software we initially tried was ‘Recuva’ (paid version) which eventually announced that it needed fifteen days and rising!  We have abandoned ‘Recuva’ and are currently  trying ‘EaseUS’ (free version) and that, so far, has found nearly 4 GB of data and estimates it needs almost 8 hours.
A desirable quality of recovery software, bearing in mind the size of hard drive common these days, would be the ability to shut down the process and the computer and get a good night’s sleep before resuming the next and subsequent days.  The software suppliers don’t seem to mention this aspect of things in their specifications!
If any of you know of recovery software that can be operated in several contiguous sessions, please share – we prefer to shut down our computers overnight!

A similar time penalty is involved when 'purging' a big hard drive using the software that does successive over-writes with pseudo-random sequences!  Seven passes plus verify over 3 Terabytes of free space takes an awful long time!!!!  And the software I use can do 35 passes!!!!!!

I'd just leave it running Pete.

Is it the fire risk or noise that's concerning you?

At any one time I have four PC's running  24/7 in various parts of the establishment, and two of them (in different buildings) back each other up overnight across the network.

I leave mine running too. 4 years 9 months since original install and it only gets rebooted for cleaning or other maintenance.

I always leave all pcs running 24x7.
They last longer and break less that way.

I have no idea what sw mentioned is "better".
I am pretty sure none of it is very efficient.

Why can't you take the drive out the enclosure?

Any USB drives I've had, are simply SATA drives in a box with an interface.


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