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DRO for Warco Major mill

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Got the round column mill and pretty soon noticed that it takes three hands and patience of the saint to keep up required accuracy with these mills.

Story of stand:,12667.msg152459.html#msg152459

Although generally I am happy with the mill and it does much I want, 3 mm backlash on handwheels and a mushy feeling of it convinced me that the X/Y stage needs a closer look, probably new bearings and that sort of work. While at it, adding a DRO might be a good idea.

Ordered and got 3 axis (two will be used primarly and maybe third added later) magnetic scale system:

Planning to mount the magnetic tapes flush inside the slides on non sliding surfaces I.E. not planning to use the typical scaffolding type mounting.

I am sure that someone has done this before, but I could not find story. Any links to similar installations or advice?


From memory, there is nothing flat or square on the unmachined insides of these . Catch 22nin action, you need a working mill to fix the mill  :Doh:

I would mount the X heads to the (Y) saddle and the the mag tape to the table with a straight bar to carry the tape . It'll be a pita to get the things aligned so mount the reader head close to one side of the saddle (easier to get at)

Not sure if there's enough room to get the tape under the Y saddle for the Y axis , but the saddle is close to a straight-ish side of the base casting so you might be able to use that.

Luckily I have a second mill and it is biger...therefore I don't need to resort Heath Robinson solutions.

I took off the rubber cover of Y-ways and also disaasmbled the table screw out to gain better look inside....interesting....there are possibilities, but they all need a serious consideration.

I sort of like the stops on front of the table. There is about 30 mm space behind the table that is used by this rubber shield now. Maybe I could construct different swarf guard to replace it and get more space behind the table for magnetic tape.

Mounting the tape underside the T-slot table is possible, but it would require serious slotting for the reading head, because if I want to use original movement range the table movement does not really allow mounting the transducer on side of the middle part (Y-sledge).

Mounting it behind of the table using the supplied aluminium profiles for the magnetic tape is a squese. Need to build a mechanical stop, because just looking the dimenssions, there is just 0,7mm to spare.

tom osselton:
I have a craftex mill that I put a dro on from Dro Pro’s. I went with a 4 axis and can use the quill by combining the quill and z axis using one readout if I choose to. Mine has the mag strip on the back and I made brackets for the side of the machine.

tom osselton:
Here is a pic of the y axis.


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