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Help with a DXF oddity please !

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Today using Autocad I added an opening on the end of the previous spanner that I had cut for the Baruffaldi powered tooling to hold the flat on the 90 degree unit.

All looks exactly as I want in Autocad, as a .DWG. I then save it as a .DXF and within Autocad it still looks fine. If I then import the .DXF into SheetCAM in preparation for cutting on the plasma table, a mysterious circle appears between the jaws of the original spanner.

If I go back into Autocad there is no sign of this circle. Only one layer is in use, and if I do a 'LIST' selection of where the circle is, there is no circle listed  :bang:

Now I'm sure that if I went back to the original drawing and started over, this strange artefact in all probability would not be there, as if I load the .DXF of the spanner that I originally cut, the circle isn't there. But that's not good enough - a chap needs to know WHY? and HOW? so come on chaps save my sanity, where is this circle in the .DXF that doesn't show in Autocad and yet does in Sheetcam.

NB the file "ER32-Spanner-Mk2-dxf-as-txt.txt" as it's name implies is ACTUALLY the DXF renamed so that it will upload to the forum.

David Jupp:
Andrew,  If I open it in Alibre Design the circle is there.
In eDrawings the circle isn't there.
In EasyCAD the circle isn't there.

In eDrawings and EasyCAD there is a tiny dot which looks as though it coincides with a point on circle diameter in the V of the jaws.

Not sure what that tells us....   your image from ACAD also has the dot when zoomed right in.   

Thanks for looking David. In any of those programs can you examine the properties of the entity?

Is it deletable in Alibre ?

I had assumed that it must have been on a 'turned off' layer or maybe the line properties were odd, but there is no turned off layer nor entity to examine  :bang:

David Jupp:
When trying to delete the circle, I found there are 2 copies of it.  They will delete.

I can't find any properties beyond 'circular arc'.

By zooming in on that point you spotted (well done eagle eyes!) I found the two circles and could delete them and now all is well in Sheetcam - very odd though that they don't display in AutoCAD

Spanner now made  :thumbup:

Here are the properties in AutoCAD :


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