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Building Wildings Tower Clock

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My first error!!

Bad luck Chris - wheel cutting can be a real test of concentration. My worst one was when foolishly I responded to a ringing telephone - I should just have let it ring !

Yes, it was a killer. I felt sick and was storming around kicking things for a few minutes.

I was taking a video, run the cutter through the wheel, stopped the video, and spun the rotary table without withdrawing the cutter!! (Sure it didnít do the cutter much good either).

Easy answer is not to do videos but I enjoy logging it - its part of the fun so I just need to focus more. However, it is a lot of focus for 120 teeth!!

I was more than impressed with the repair job. It looks good and solid and turned out better than expected! Iím just going to intentially keep a bit of meat on the wheel and not cross out too high up to the rim.


Well fixed Chris - I can imagine how you felt! :doh:

A nice save Chris, and a good vid as usual. :clap: :clap



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