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Building Wildings Tower Clock

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Hi Chris,

In Cut 2D there's an Allowance Offset setting which will leave whatever you enter for a final cut. Or there is a Do A Separate Last Pass setting which does more or less the same thing but (bizarrely) doesn't work with lead-ins and lead-outs. (I queried this with Vectric and they did try to explain why but I couldn't for the life of me understand their reasoning.)

The lead-ins and outs mean that you don't get a witness mark where the tool plunges into the work.

So I leave an Allowance Offset of say 0.1 or 0.2mm and then do another toolpath with zero Allowance Offset.

With free cutting brass you may ne better with straight fluted cutters. I haven't got any except for woodworking router cutters.

Yes - I'm still using the converted pantograph engraver. I'll be doing some engraving of badges and trophies for our cycling club in the next week or so. Over the years I've saved them £100s.


A few pictures of my Wildings turret clock

Thank you so much for the pictures! Really helpful.

Another question for you. Is the lantern pinion on the 2nd wheel arbor fixed on with loctite. I presume so as I canít see how else itís attached and Iíve read the book countless times. Iím certain it must say it somewhere but Iím missing it!

Afternoon all, Iíve just been working on the lantern pinion and 2nd arbor:



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