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A little light reading


tom osselton:
A fellow on another site I go to posted this so I thought Id pass it on just a little light reading!

Great Tom, thanks for passing that on, just had a browse the a few issues. I never tire of reading the old ones. my own collection starts in 1950 so I have plenty of reading to get up to where mine start. :thumbup: :clap:

regards John


I have this book in hard cover. Always found it interesting.     Ingenious Mechanisms

Thanks guys.

I picked up the ME link elsewhere but its is always useful to make sure everyone gets the opportunity  :thumbup:

To add to George's link: there are four volumes in that set of the Ingenious Mechanisms books, you can down load each by just incrementing the volume number in the link. I have the earlier 3 volume set in hard copy, now I have the later four volume set to read  :beer:



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