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What wood is this?

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Fergus OMore:
From a glance, I wood call it Borneo Red Seraya.

That was used in the 1950' to re-deck the whale factory ships on the Tyne. The Southern Harvester and the Southern Venturer, if I recall.

We used it for the framing of canvas kayaks- PBK's

It was also used as dunnage



Hi agreed with above to some degree cant really tell without planning etc.. to me it looks a little like sapele.. Its a mahogany sub...Dependant on size of piece you need you may find an offset on Fleabay...i had to find some Cocobolo a while back got it super cheap.. very rare timber sometimes to find. Its oily so use for burnishing leather edges.

Fergus OMore:
Agreed with Buell, Could be sapele or any number of 'new' timbers. My opinion is that it is rotten to plane under hand or power and the grain often changes.

Coco bolo is one of those lovely woods to turn and i recall African Blackwood, Partridge wood, Kingswood and lignum vitae. African blackwood is the real thing for Northumbrian Small Pipes as well as 'half longs' of the Border bagpipes .  Blackwood is now so precious  that the turnings are mixed with plastic and re=machined. Ideal wood for musical instruments such as clarinets and oboes.

I had a B flat clarinet to the simple system made for the British Xylonite Co by Hawkes before they became Boosey( and Hawkes) and it was made from one of these exotics but stained to look like blackwood.

Sadly, I foolishly gave my stock of blackwood away. However probably the best information really is still "Holzapffel'
Bowls- for bowling are no longer lignum vitae but- I think Hensolite- well mine are


Fergus OMore:
I was going through my cheque stubs following Storm Ali and realised that there was huge amounts of fallen English hardwoods of which my damaged horse chestnut was one. It's a bit like following the Lord Mayor's Show with a bucket and shovel.

There is no shortage of good hardwood to make casings and to add more exotic veneers.


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