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What wood is this?

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Hi guys, Iím making a brass clock and yet the barrel is 2.5Ē diameter and 3.5Ē longand therefore Wilding suggests hardwood. I believe I shouldnít use Oak because itíll corrode the steel bar going though the centre and Iím struggling to source anything else locally. Iíd like to use applewood if I had an option as I know someone who has used this on their build of this clock. However, Iíve spent fortunes on materials already so looking in my limited wood stock, Iíve come across this piece. The rest of the pieces that would be similar are all oak but this seems to look different.

Iím not use to using wood so donít know if this is an impossible question, but from the pictures, can you guess or suggest what this could be?


Looks like sort wood but you won't know until it is planed to see the grain to identify it ,is it heavy ?

It is pretty heavy. Iíll try not to waste my time and buy something suitable!

Just a question....most fruitwoods wood be good but how much do you need? Keep in mind most wood will warp unless kiln dried and even then will move with some degree. One option is bit the bullet and buy from a reputable supplier of cabinet  wood as the work and time that will go into the clock deserves the wood be of quality as well.

Hi Pete, just canít find anything ...donít know where to look!


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