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Very interesting and informative link.   I have done some shell printing over the years for micro gliders etc  Just started on my own design model yacht and the above turned up during a search.

My design is more a keel boat pond yacht.  The actual model will be about 670mm long, but after reading the above website I decided to give spiral printing a go with the new 0.3mm nozzle.  That limited me to a 200mm test print, I was not disappointed.  The model design was started a couple of days ago as just a doodle idea, got more serious yesterday and prepared for 3D printing today.  The print took 6.5hrs at 0.1mm layers.  Once the print was done and the hull started cooling I had to puncture the deck before the shell imploded.  It was a little funky at the bow as the print spirals out and you need tons of cooling to stop it just being a melted blob.  With hind site, don't print a closed bow and do a plug for it.  The hull came in at 10grams, that is just crazy light, even compared to a 2 part styrene vac moulded hull.  The flat deck is a bit floppy, I should have designed it with some camber to make it more rigid, but not an issue as I need to open it up for ballast and test floating.  Rhino gives me some handy hydrodynamic analysis, this can be scaled up for the larger hull, to see how much weight I can have above the deck without it falling over in the water !!!   My cheap cnc craft cutter rounds out the equipment for model yacht making as it can cut multi panel sails in minutes and vinyl patches for hatch covers.  I can't ever remember building a hull in less than a month and this thing doesn't need paint.

With the deck cut out, the hull now weighs in at 7grams.

That didn't take long, the ballast was 7 UK pence.  The translucent hull was very useful for seeing the waterline.

7 pence weighs 18 grams.

And, the hull is watertight.

Very interesting Joules, I might have a go at that myself  :thumbup:


Progress being made Rob as further designs are tested before I commit to something bigger.


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