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Archery, a new twist for me.


How things work out....   Based on the work I did with the 3D printed marine propellers I have been asked to design a 3D printed fletching jig that can apply feathers with a helical twist to arrows.  First job is modelling the arrows and feathers and see from there.   The other problem for me was finding common language for the terms used in archery, as opposed to straight and offset fletching etc etc.  For me 1 turn per XX inches I can work with, the 1 in 18.5" is just under the 3 degree limit for spin and drag that seems to be the "do not exceed"   Ahhh another journey begins, 3-4 feather fletching and staggering to try, not even sure I have the feathers orientated correctly yet.

I had a shed buddy that was into diy archery. He made all sorts of interesting widgets.
I can recall

* Wooden arrow lathes (wooden arrows taper to each end)
* Trick, drop launchers that fall away from the arrow the moment it's launched so the fletches don't strike it.
* String releases
* Sights.
* And more.I was surprised how much application for the model engineer and their tools there is in the hobby...

Had my mate round for a show and tell on his new bow.  Wow, so much engineering...  I shot a fibreglass recurve bow and fibreglass arrows in my early twenties.  This was a veritable engineering feast for the eyes along with the high tech carbon alloy composite arrows.   As PK mentions, lots of scope for the engineers workshop and 3D printing.  We spent a good few hours talking and watching YouTube vids on archery, a note book of doodles to follow up on now.


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