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Twin cylinder double acting oscillator


Brian Rupnow:
This video shows the twin cylinder double acting oscillator engine which I recently designed and built. Cylinders have a 1" bore and 1 3/4" stroke, and the engine is equipped with a reversing valve. As you can see in the video, the engine is self starting. I sell a complete set of plans for this engine for $25 Canadian funds, and can be reached at   
 A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth ten thousand. People always want to see my engines running something, so here is the engine running my "Crazy Joint" for a demo video. The engine is running on about 12 psi of compressed air in this picture and video.---Brian Rupnow

Brian Rupnow:
The engine was first fully designed in 3D cad, and then detail drawings were made from the cad model. I need detail drawings to work from on my own lathe and mill, so as I went through making the parts, any errors or missing dimensions on the drawings were corrected and then all drawings were saved as pdf files so it doesn't require any proprietary drawing software to open them.

Nice job, good to see a larger scale too.
I particularly like the right angle drive mechanism being driven. A novel alternative to an electric motor and light bulb...

hi a job well dun

Brian Rupnow:
And here, as promised, is a final video of the 3 ball governor running on the dual oscillating engine.


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