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I've just had an email from Photobucket who are now under new management.


All of your hosted images across the internet have been restored for a limited time under your Free Account.

We are also offering a new, competitive subscription package that includes:

Continued use of 3rd Party Image Hosting services
10GB of Storage
 No Advertisements
All of this for just $1.99 per month or an option of $19.99 per year. 

Hurry, last day for this offer!  Prices increase to $2.49 per month or $26.99 per year on May 22nd, 2018!"

A bit late now but much cheaper than their previous offer.

Too late I'm afraid, they've shot their bolt as far as I'm concerned, I'll never trust them again.

The leopard doesn't change its spots , once a blackmailer always a blackmailer !

I agree Andrew - I spent ages moving mine to another host (who doesn't charge anything - thank you friend if you see this!) and I won't be going back.


Took mine off and hosted them myself, a major effort to rewrite maybe a thousand links. Naturally won't be re-posting them there.  :loco:

No chance! Never would return. Ever...... 


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