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Starret piano wire cutters how to sharpen ?

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Bit of a wild one but having just got a pair of starret piano wire cutters with the hardened steel jaws. What sort of included angle,to grind them to to get a clean cut ? I was thinking about 90 to 100’ to give a strong edge. Anyone any experience in this? Currently the jaws are flat faced so guess the ones I’ve got are new. ????


Fergus OMore:

My late wife was No2 Lady ellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and also had a Diploma on Orthodontics at the Royal College of Surgeons of England as well as BA and a dip Music and grade 8's in most reed  and piano. OK, I inherited her wire cutting and bending kit. Her wire cutting pliers, both pairs were from Maun Industries and are similar - and probably the same as those sold by Ferrees in the USA.

These can cut piano wire up to 18G and the jaws are not 90 degrees or anywhere near but about 45 degrees. Clearly, I have seen and used professionally pliers  which have a 90 cutting action on the side. I had a pair of insulated pliers primarily for removing ESME seals etc

Anyway, have a look at Ferees catalogue on the net.



Thanks fergus
A mate has a set and the included angle looked like about 45’ a side ie total angle about 90 but 8 will check out the freezes catalogue. Starret lis5 spare blades but no clu3 a# to sha4pening apart
 from That you can. Resharpen

 :wave: ian

Fergus OMore:
I'm sure that Ferrees Tool cat will be an eye opener.  I found yet another pair of pliers in my wife's tool kits.

Moving slightly to one side, she had mountains of these pliers which have a round jaw on one side and a hollow one on the other. Great for doing eyes in ends of wires.

I see you're in Thirsk and there is a lot of wire bending and cutting going on in nearby Ilkey- Mor Bah't 'At.  Our daughter is at it as well


Hmm Fergus

The site has pictures of cutters and mentions various ones but no clues as to sharpening angles. I think I shall fall back on the york club oracle of Jack and see what he thinks.

If nothing else I get words of wisdom on other matters whilst there and all it costs me is biscuits, scones and sometimes toasted tea cakes.

Thanks for the pointers though. As for wire cutting near Ilkley I think they’ve finished the ride by now and repaired the various egos damaged en route !

Regards Ian


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