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Hi guys, am just about to order some Bosch/Rexroth T slot extrusions to build a brew stand for my HB equipment.

So I have a cutting list of lengths and quantitys I need to build it.

I can order 1,2,3 or 5.6 M lengths. (all are basically the same per metre price so no benefit in getting long stock lengths)

There must be some software (free!) that will optimise cutting up these stock lengths.

Any ideas or do I slog away in Ecel??

Will, there is quite a bit of such software being used in the woodworking community - probably worth doing a bit of googling over there !

Will  --  Normally "stock Length or Width" is usually measured with a tape measure.  Here in the U.S. tape measures only have to be within 1% accuracy.  Eyesight will add "some" to that, so the "rule of thumb" here is to add 5% or 10% to the "finished length" to establish the "cut length."  --  Lew

Any of these any help?

Length Cutting Optimization Software


And panel cutting SW:


Many Thanks for quick responses.

I had a 10 min session here:

and job done.

Now of course I have even more web-sites and u-tube vids to watch!!

That reminds me: Its Double Boost Time!!

Grown up Meccano time!

Also reminds me:

I costed up a reasonable size JCB 3C in Meccano. It was actually cheaper to by a "last legs 3C"!!


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