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The Sequel - Oh Blimey I bought a CNC Lathe (Beaver TC 20)

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Well I've been and gone and done it again  :bugeye:

This Beaver TC 20 CNC lathe was too much to resist - after all it's paint scheme matches my Beaver PartsMaster CNC Mill  :lol:

Ex Portsmouth University, the sellers father bought it, had it briefly running, but then unfortunately died - that was five years ago and the machine has sat unused and un-powered for that period. The cosmetics of the outside are excellent, but inside the swarf guards have light rust - it's obviously been turning machinable wax, as there is still some swarf in it, and that would be without coolant, so the guards haven't been kept oily by coolant hence the rust.

The control is a Siemens Sinumerik 820T - having been left powered off the back up battery (last changed 2008!) is obviously dead as a door nail and all the parameters and plc data have been lost.

I went to inspect on Thursday, and although I got 3 phase power on to the machine I could get nothing what so ever out of the controller - no screen display, no leds nowt  :scratch: Might be dead simple, might be a nightmare

A bit smaller than the Traub this is an estimated 3 tons and has a 2.75 x 1.98 metre footprint - just need to get it shifted the 80 miles home and I can start playing  :ddb: :ddb: :ddb: :ddb:

The fellow who is selling has lost all the documentation and also the tool setting probe which is very sad, the Siemens stuff is all available on the web for download but Beaver went out of business in the early 1990's so the machine specific stuff is thin on the ground.

Fortunately there is a floppy disk in a door pocket that claims to have the machine and plc parameters on it - I do hope so - it may just be blank  :bugeye:

You have a problem Andrew, what with this knowledge of skipping porn stars and an addiction to Beaver, you really should seek help.


I await the next awemawson epic. Showing on a forum near you, soon!  :clap:

Well a tiny bit of progress, I've located a Renishaw tool setting probe. You'll recall the seller of the lathe lost his  :bang:

The one I've found is off a Beaver CNC lathe and was left behind when the lathe was sold. Vendor can't remember the model number, "but the Chuck was 300 mm". Now the TC 20 has a 250 mm Chuck and as far as I can find out Beaver never made a CNC lathe with a 300 mm Chuck

Chuck size is important as the probe reaches round and past it to touch the selected tool in the turret. The problem is that these probes are assembled from a huge variety of element lengths to suit a particular machine - hopefully if this isn't spot on I can move the programmed measuring point to suit it - I'm hoping he'd forgotten the size of his chuck - I never mentioned Beaver, he named the lathe so hopefully . . . :med:

Darren, my Tractor Shed builder has volunteered to shift the machine the 80 miles to my place, but we are waiting on the seller to fix the steering ram on his forklift so he can load it


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