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Danckaerts Mortiser Clean Up

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They claim to be chrome plated steel, but they are coming from Hong Kong on a slow boat, so they could be made from almost anything  :clap:

The aluminium ones that I mentioned could be stronger than Chinese "chrome plated steel". 

The Handwheel Handles arrived in today's post so I set too fitting them. Handwheels fixed using taper pins, so a simple job of knocking out the pins and pulling the handwheels off.

Then the usual centre drill, tapping drill, start the tap in the mill to make sure it's perpendicular, finish tapping at the vice. A nice bit of cast iron to work on.

Having screwed the handwheel handles onto the handwheels, then just a case of pushing them back on, re-seating the taper pins, and 'job done'

I strongly suspect that there may have once been a counter balance weight to counter act the weight of the carriage vertically, as it's a mighty lump to raise and lower  :bugeye:

Opening the back of the machine up reveals that although there are counterweights built in for each of the mortise chisels there in no provision for counterbalancing the  work carriage, nor would it be an easy job to fit a weight.  :(


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