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Homemade layout fluid

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Hmmm.....this has me thinking about other readily available materials. What about dry clothing dye powder for the pigment, mixed with shellac and denatured alcohol?   I think I've got some..... might give it a try.

(though for cheap and readily available, I don't think the used ballpoint/shellac combo can be beat)

My daughter makes "props" for anime costumes and such. Once she didin't find the correct cheap wig for the character, she bought a blond wig and dunked blue permanent marker stylys and all innards into a spay bottle filled with IPA and sprayed the correct color on wig. It held really well.

The secret was to find "alcohol" based permanent marker and dilute it into "alcohol".

Maybe "Spirit" permanenet markers and moonshine are plentyfull there?


Not plentiful enough! :beer: :bugeye:

I dare bet in the past getting hold of chemicals to make all manner of things from wax polish for your car to get rid of pests but gnaw in the uk most of the stuff is band I have a old book and in it there is a resapy for turning steel black went to the chemist as it says in the book and the look on his face when I gave him the list  :bugeye:  lol


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