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Oops! Remember Water Freezes (JCB803)

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Sadly no inline tap on the JCB - I suppose one could be fitted  :scratch:

Came to the machine this morning to find ANOTHER diesel slick under it  :bang:

Seemed to be coming from the thumb screw that drains the water from the base of the sedimenter  that I replaced in March after that very cold period, but it was tight - but hang on, the clear bowl is slightly loose. It was nicely snugged up but not over tight so why loose now? Screwing it's central fixing bolt up a bit it took far too much for just a bit of rattling loose. So I removed it to have a look see.

. . . the central boss in the clear moulding has gone cloudy white with stress cracks radiating from it, and the base has domed in so much that the thumb screw is no longer upright and it's seating is distorted, hence the leak.

OK the supplier is replacing it, but WHY did it happen, and why won't it happen again? OK if I had swung on the fixing bolt like a gorilla and over tightened it maybe, but this is just an M6 bolt and the bowl seats on a rubber gasket - no need for massive tightening  :scratch:

I can only think that the plastic used isn't suitable - meanwhile I had to put it back dripping to drive the machine back into the tractor shed, and it's sitting dripping into a bucket, with the hoses clamped off with Mole Wrenches until the replacement arrives

Replacement bowl arrived by today's post, so I got on and changed it - (needed to use the JCB to level a spot to house a chicken shed)

It was very obvious how the replacement bowl had a flat seating, whereas the leaking one was grossly distorted.

. . . so how long before the new one does the same . . . .why should it not  :bang:

and a favourite saying of our dearly missed friend.........."Clumsy Bastard"

I hate ti say it Andrew, but that does look like the plastic is being attacked by the diesel, that whitenes and micro cracking is a dead giveaway, are there any additives like an antifreeze in the diesel?


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