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Oops! Remember Water Freezes (JCB803)

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Been rather cold here until recently - well below freezing for several days running.

I happened to wander into the new Tractor Shed to be greeted by a slick of diesel spreading across the floor.

A quick look see revealed that the water separator plastic bowl had parted company from it's aluminium cast body. Now as the water separator is plumbed in deliberately as the lowest point in the fuel system (diesel floats on water) the entire 45 litres of diesel had been dumped onto the floor  :bang:

(Yes the tank was brim full - I always fill her up after a job to avoid condensation in the tank)

So how did this happen? Well some plonker  :palm: had totally forgotten to occasionally drain the water from the separator - a simple job as there is a thumb screw provided

. . . I won't forget in future I promise  :lol:

Postman brought a replacement this morning so the digger is mobile again 

Physics strikes again.
 Absolutely no consideration for us mere mortals.   :doh:
Guess you will keep it in mind from now on?

That's a bummer losing 50 quids worth of diesel but thank goodness for power floated floors eh? It would have ruined a tamped slab.

Red diesel Pete so about 23 but still a total waste due to my negligence  :bang:

I used to own a MF30E and I always told others that used it that I turned the fuel tap off 1 To try to prevent theft and 2 in case someone cut a line. I had never thought about freezing as number 3  :lol:


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