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Turcite from the far east

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One day of immerrsion test in synthetic cutting oil made no difference on 10 mm square sample dimenssions.

Only funny thing is that the is just very little discoroured. Just about noticeable. I started doubting myself, but then I dropped one little blob of new oil and then the difference is quite clear (but still quite small) :D

Hard to cattch riveting drama on camera - after all it is just a small piece of materil immersed in oil.

Planning to keep it in oil for few weeks and I really don't expect it to expand. If it does then there is something really wrong with the material, but it feels pretty genuine.

Does this makes any sense?

Real test is ofcourse to make something usefull and test it there.


Still soaking and shedding some color....

Put last night about 55 kg of weight atop of the bearing material to see if it sqashes. Let's see.

Interesting. No change.

The specimen in the immersion test has not changed in dimenssions any measurable way. I'm using a digital caliper. Only thing it that it is shedding green colour in the oil, that means something in the end.

Wonder if I should try out way oil, hydraulic oil and I still might have some cutting emulsion left for test.

The other specimen has not been deformed at this load level. I could double the load or keep the one plate I have few more days.

All in all it looks pretty promissing.


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