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Turcite from the far east

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As I alluded to in my emails after the scraping class, I have found a source of far eastern Turcite style way material. A sample is on order and will be here in the new year. Details as below:

I'd like to try that out. What size sample did you get?


--- Quote from: Pete. on December 21, 2017, 11:30:12 AM ---I'd like to try that out. What size sample did you get?

--- End quote ---

1m long, 2mm thick, 100mm wide, 27 delivered :)

Graham Stabler:
Has anyone checked price/availability of the "real" stuff in the UK:

If not I'll drop them a line in the new year anyway, my Feeler lathe needs doing.

I also see that slideway services have a variant called Marlon.

I guess my question would be how to know if the far east stuff in any good without long term testing?



Graham, I guess it all depends on hrs/year usage pattern. I'd be perfectly happy running asian stuff even if it had 30% lifespan compared to the real stuff as I probably use my machines 1hr/month and I'm a cheap bastard.... ymmv :)


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