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Very nice!  :beer:


--- Quote from: fcheslop on June 30, 2018, 05:09:27 PM ---Just a wee update of this very slow ongoing project

--- End quote ---

Hello Frazer.
 So sorry, for the very slow reply.

That looks, and runs great! You probably, have some paint on it, by now......

I'm afraid, there is very little enthusiasm, this workshop season. What with one thing and another.
 The heatwave hasn't helped, either.......

I have only been doing necessary jobs. Like the Moriya burner.

Too much heat transferred, between the alloy, surrounding base, and the alloy bodied original burner.

So... I bored out the alloy, as far as sensible. And recessed the wooden base......

This, gave clearance, for a deeper, stainless bodied burner......

Which allows more room, for flame height......

Hope it will, now, keep on running. During heatwave show days, spent in the Papplewick boilerhouse....   

Bernhardt, is "finished". Now, with a measuring cup burner. Not the temporary one shown here.

Still can't stop the click, at tdc......

Take care, Marra.....  :thumbup:

Hi David, Iv only managed to make a tiled base for the Ericsson as I became side tracked and built another Ringbom like the one you have and made a few improvements that seem to make her a little less prone to the displacor sticking
Just a bit of 5/16 K&S tubing with two short bushes fitted instead of the long reamed bush used in youre engine for the displacors rod
I may do another Moriya as by the time I manage to wear these castings into shape it will be winter and to cold for this wimp to do any painting well thats my excuse and Im sticking to it and Im hitting the wall with it now it runs well the interest is going
Iv been finishing a few other bits n bobs that have been collecting dust for to long but like you struggling at the mo as the interest is dying and have thought about just packing it all in
I need to find something thats got more about it but no idea what
Bernhardh looks far better engineered and is running well just glad to see you have overcome the problems with it
Hope Moriya wasnt to rough as she it was my first born a long tome past
Keep well

Wow that's a very solid looking engine, David! :beer:

Thanks, Steve.
 It's been two years in the Modding. Quite a big contrast, to the original doorstop.....

Around 60hrs running time now. It will run happily, all day, at shows....  :thumbup:


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