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Metalworking Fluids


Hi everyone,

I specialise in the supply of small quantities of Branded Metalworking Fluids (Shell, Mobil, Houghton and Castrol) to home engineers and Small Businesses.

All of my fluids come in 1L bottles and I stock a range of Hydraulic Fluids, Bearing/Spindle Oils, Cutting Fluids and Slideway Oils. Let me know if there is something specific you require. I may be able to add it to my store.

Shipping is free in the UK for all quantities. I also ship worldwide. Add items to your basket and enter your location to get an immediate no obligation shipping quotation.

Use the code MADMODDER for 5% off your entire order.


Graham Wharton
Metalworking Fluids

Rick O Shea:
Hi Graham,

Do you stock any thing similar to Anchor Lube for cutting and tapping?

best wishes


9 per ltr for ISO32 Hydraulic oil  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:  you must be joking, I sell it for 1.64 per Ltr and make money on that.

I suppose there is one born every day  :Doh:



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