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Bolt Through Fiberglass, Shear Load - Design Help Needed

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Fergus OMore:
I'm sort of sitting with a pair of very useful suture pliers which my late wife gave me and showed me how to properly use copper wire to hold ply sheets prior to using glass tape in making a Mirror dinghy.

Again, there is fiberglass mast for my son's sail board cluttering  my garage and  my carpenter was using a fiberglass hafted maul  as he is making me a new workshop. I did an accelerated gel to repair an underground drain - which was cracked. It was an old technique previously used to replace the rotten wooden keelson around the centre board housing on an old Enterprise dinghy( E 748)

On a sort of light hearted diversion, the body of the Reliant Robin out of Trotter Trading in the TV soap 'Only Fools and Horses' was fiberglass.  I had a 4 wheeled version called the Reliant Rebel. The hinges , locks etc were mild steel.  All our yesterdays but my son is still running about in a Lotus Elise SE- also a glassed job.

Today's carbon fibre technology seems available to the DIY person.



Nicolas Hulme:
It's an old thread but no one mentioned Rawl-Nuts anywhere in it, they are very useful for fixing to materials which have adequate strength but which tend to wear away, Rawl Nuts are very good for fixing wings to fibreglass bodyshells on kit cars where vibration would cause other fasteners to expand the holes.


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