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When I searched for GCode capabilities, I got here:

After looking through it, I'm beginning to see why you went the long route.  It doesn't appear as though there are any macro or subroutine capabilities.  That's very limiting.

My second choice would be to write a short program that generates the long code you need.  There's still a debugging curve though, so you might end up spending more time this way.  However, when you get it right you can use it as a template for future programs that are repetitive in nature, like cutting gear teeth.

I have no idea of the cutting caperbilities of the machine , and have tried to finish at the start point , that way I can increse the cut a bit at a time , first cut was 0.2mm and it souinded ok with that .

For simple indexing like that I use Excel to generate the code. No errors that way, and lightening fast to change if you want something different.

You could also look into using subroutines and indexing a value in the routine each time you call it. If you have the Mach3 manual, I think there's some examples of how to write simple subroutines.



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