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New (to me) Lathe - Smart & Brown 1024

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I started out in the world of machine tools with a Myford Super 7, lovely machine, but I soon realised it wasn't man enough for what I wanted to do, so I started looking around for an old, preferably English toolroom lathe. Almost by accident, I acquired a smart and Brown Model A, which is fantastic - a far better lathe than I am a machinist... But I've kinda been hankering after its big brother so when one appeared on the Yahoo group for a very acceptable price I couldn't really say no...

The good news is it was cheap, local and almost complete... The not so good news is it's in bits, there's no toolpost, it was taken out of use in its former life because the power feed wouldn't engage/disengage reliably, and its 3 phase.

So, the to-do list:
Rebuild the apron, fixing the power feed problem on the way,
re-make the cover for the apron (unless it turns up in the meantime)
clean it
repair / rebuild the coolant tray which has rusted through
strip the wiring out and make it run from an inverter
find a toolpost
put it all back together

I found a small single phase pump in a skip the other day which looks like it might do duty for the coolant, so that's one job ticked off already! the rest will have to wait a few weeks as the dairy is pretty full...

In the meantime, some questions...
can anyone identify the mystery tool holder? could be yours if you can use it...
The lathe came with some tool holder's, I believe they fit a T2 QCTP, they are stamped Colchester. does anyone has a toolpost to fit that they could be parted from, or would they like to acquire them?
Does anyone in the Hampshire area own one of these beauties, it would be really helpful to have a look at the power feed mechanism, apparently there is a spring missing from mine, I have the drawings, but there's no substitute for seeing it in the flesh...

Hello Charles,

How may of the toolholders do you have? a size 2 (I think) Dickson but only two holders came with my Holbrook and I'd be keen to get a few more - where in Hampshire are you (I'm near M3 Junction 3), if you want a hand with the VFD conversion I've had a bit of practice!

Dave H. (the other one)


I have three tool holders, I'll wave a tape measure at them tomorrow and you can check against your tool post. I'm in Eastleigh - J13 M3 I set up the VFD on my milling machine, so have had a bit of practice, but I will let you know if I get stuck. I believe the 1024 has a 3 speed motor which makes things a little more challenging

really nice lathe you have there.

Toolholders certainly look like T2 size, There are three of them. as you can see they are missing a couple of screws, but that should be no big deal for your Holbrook to rectify :ddb:

Looks like new ones are about 35, so how does 20 each sound? Assuming they would be of use to you...

How did you find your Holbrook? that was one for my shortlist when I decided to upgrade the Myford, but they seem to be pretty rare...

RotarySMP - I hope so!


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