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I used Caswell's blacking chemicals on my QCTP, it's actually holding up very well... no recent pics I'm afraid, I'll see if I can grab on next time I'm at the workshop.


--- Quote from: chipenter on June 04, 2017, 03:13:23 AM ---Surface must be clean fingerprints will show , I just heat with a torch and drop into used engine oil , works for me .

--- End quote ---
I think that may be the problem I did clean it off with turps before starting but maybe should have spent a little more time on this part.

It's the same prosess as blueing , I have always done it straight from the polishing just don't tutch it with bear hands , I have mesed up a few clock parts with just one toutch .

The method I have been using is to heat until  red hot and drop into used diesel engine oil (lots of carbon)
Be aware that the clouds of oil vapour are able to ignited from the red hot metal or any naked flame in the vicinity of the job
This becomes critical if doing a long run of parts and the oil gets very hot so be prepared  for fire fighting


I guess time will tell but I didnt heat until red hot but my home built electric furnace lets me set the temperature to whatever I want within reason I may up the temperature a little the next time and clean the part more thoroughly. It would be nice to get a formula I know for certain is going to give me good results rather than good enough.
I think blowing the excess oil off the piece helped a lot, I didnt do it with the first few bits and it seemed to me that where the oil pooled it formed a crust which stopped the metal under it from turning and the two top rings I actually cleaned off and redid.


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