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first foray into blackening was almost a success, its good enough at least. The body was the last bit I did and seems to be the best finish this was done by setting my furnace to 360C and applying linseed oil once at temp then blowing excess oil away and then reheating till black.
I have put the worst bits in the final pic because I would welcome any input to make a better job next time I try.

You was a selenium (cold) blackening process yes?

no heat at 360C and linseed oil.


--- Quote from: shipto on June 03, 2017, 06:38:04 PM ---no heat at 360C and linseed oil.

--- End quote ---
Well your results are better than I ever managed with heat and oil...
Here's a 'fresh from the bath' shot of the cold black process I use' Pretty sure I got it from Caswell.

Surface must be clean fingerprints will show , I just heat with a torch and drop into used engine oil , works for me .


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