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I have gradullay gone trough all DOS/Windos/windows versions and every version feels like "My first Sony" at the beginig and I feel like having a cardiatic arrest after all that angry fruit sallad - they caal it eye candy - idiots.

Onve version had a option for "classic" UI, which I jumped and rejected after few weeks - it was "same - same - but diferent".

Just swallow the bitter pill, turn off all that newsfeed/tablet/windows phone bullshit and learn to enjoy some actullay usefull features.

Althugh every startup loads up some overhead, which I feel I can't vomprehend and understand anymore. Some of that must usefull, but some of that is just plain harmfull.

Modern OS:s are beyond our control - we just must float downstream with clutter of FB likes.

Just use it. Use that program/function typing feature and forget going trough illogical menus.


Some useful sites for altering Win 10 behaviour:

Typically a desktop machine, esp without touch screen, should start in Desktop mode. the second link above shows how to force this.

Pin-ing programs to the Task Bar is a great option, I have the main stuff I use pin'd there so I don't have to even type in the name to find it.

I learned many things about Win 7 from reading the Win 10 shortcuts, many of those were present in Win 7 but I never knew they were there :-)


Well I admit that I need to eat my words re: Win10   :palm:

... it's not as bad as I'd thought, now I've managed to eliminate much of the twinkly stuff I find that I can actually use it - so much so that I'm embarking on an upgrade program to my new workstation.

It came to me as an HP Z800 with a single quad core Xeon 5550 cpu 12 Gb Ram, a Samsung 120Gb SSD, a 1Tb HDD and a Nvidia FX580 graphics card.

I knew that the graphics card would be marginal for my applications (Fusion 360 and Scanect) but the system was a solid core for upgrading.

Yesterday I picked up a GeForce GTX 660 s/h on eBay - it happens to be the over clocked version but the base model would have been fine - (this is a work station not a gaming machine !).

I also picked up a pair of the heatsink / fan assemblies (21) (allowing me to install the second processor) and a matched pair of Xeon 5550 cpus for the princely sum of 16

While at it I also got a further 6 of the 4Gb Registered DDR3 DIMM's a the bargain basement price of 38.25 - I'm not sure I'll be able to install all 6. They are identical to the 3 already installed but not sure if each CPU has to have the same number of DIMMs, also I may run into power supply limitations - this machine is fitted with the 850 watt PSU - there is an 1100 watt version but they don't pop up on eBay very often and when they do they are not cheap.

I must say working inside this machine is a joy - so easy to get at things.

Hi All,
I was persuaded /forced to move to a new laptop with Win10 (home edition??)
When I clicked on Awemawsons link at the end of the last post the laptop downloads it (PDF file) instead of just opening the link
It does the same on other forums !!
Does anyone know how to prevent this?


If you click the right side mouse button when hovering the mouse pointer over the link a menu will pop up giving you options to either open the file or download it.




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