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        I have had to replace my old computer and the secondhand one I have now runs Vista Business Pack 2.
I have also updated to Windows 7 on my old computer before major crash and can upgrade this one.
  My prolem is that I cannot run the above program properly.
  No matter what there are major parts of the display black. Others have the same problem. Has anyone here encounted this and managed to resolve the problem? If so I would love to hear from you.


Try this link for how to run in compatibility mode to see if that helps.


I don't have any experience with the software in question, but in an absolute worst case scenario, you can run a virtual machine on your computer - VMWare Player is, I understand, free for non-commerical use, there's also VBox from Oracle but I don't know if that works on Windows, and IIRC the free version doesn't let you use the USB ports.

Microsoft have basically given up licencing Windows XP, so you can either use an existing CD & product code, or download one of the many "ripped" versions (beware of viruses!) and use those. Then run the software on the virtual machine. You'll have access to your printers, screen, USB (with VMWare anyway) etc., and you can deliberately set the virtual machine to NOT use all the resources of the host computer, meaning you can minimise it out of the way and get on with other stuff too.


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