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Rockerblock engine--something a little different--

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Brian Rupnow:
And I do mean different. I want to machine something---but--Something I haven't seen or done before. This is destined to become a water-jacketed engine, 1" bore x 1.125" stroke. I have been casting around for something new to build, and I thought this up last night while fighting off my insomnia. A couple of hours spent on the CAD system this evening just to see if it could be done, and yes, it can. There will probably be many redesigns and changes along the way, but basically this is the overall framework I will stick to.

Brian Rupnow:
And yes, I'm even toying with the idea of water-jet cut flywheels.

Brian Rupnow:
Well Sir, This is getting exciting. I love it when a plan begins to come together.

Brian Rupnow:
Now my engine can breath in and breath out. Another hours work and it will have ignition.--And yes, it does even have pushrods.--Little short ones at that, with little swivels where they attach to the rockers to take out any binding.

Brian Rupnow:
I almost got caught. Look at the creative carving I had to do on the bottom of that water jacket to clear the revolving crankshaft.


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