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Aches and Pains.
« on: September 12, 2017, 03:14:29 AM »
On a recent visit to a residential treatment centre, I came across a gent in a wheelchair who has been suffering from MS for quite some time. I don't have MS, but I do suffer from chronic pain and bowel problems, bad enough that I can't function without reasonably strong painkillers and morphiene patches. The trouble with these meds it that the body gets used to them and their efficacy reduces over time, couple that with the side effects they are far from being the greatest help. Just recently the pain has stepped up a degree or two making things just that little bit more difficult. Anyway, back to the guy in the wheelchair. He dealt with his issues in his own good way, some of them a bit too far out there for me but one thing did pique my interest and I thought I would give it a go. He showed me what he called a "Medipen" and a cannabis extraction called CBD. I've wanted to take cannabis for years but the legality has always been the problem. CBD is a legal, easily obtained substance that has all the THC, the stuff that makes you high, removed and the beneficial cannabinoid left.
Administration can be done in a few ways, drops under the tongue, or the use of a vape pen. I have been using the vape/Medipen, for a few weeks now and the relief it has provided is significant. The reduction in pain is greatly noticeable. I suspect that most of us on the forum are old farts, even the young ones and many will have their own tales of woe with regard to pain and getting old. I have tried a fair few things over the years, as you do, and this I thought, was worth sharing.