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Jenkins Steel Ltd are a family based Engineering Steels Stockholder based in Cramlington, Northumberland UK

We have 20 years of experience in the stockholding & sourcing of Engineering Bar both Ferrous & Non Ferrous.

All our material has full certification.

We share a warehouse with our sister company Roles Precision Contractors Ltd who are a very successful Precision Engineering Company (more information on our front page.)

Our new website is designed to make buying Steel an easy and pain free process. With just a few clicks you can purchase what you require and have it delivered direct to your door, anywhere in the UK, residential or business. As you will see there is no minimum order charge and no job is to small. We really are here for you whether you’re a large or small business, model engineer or if you require a bit of steel for a project we are here to help.

On the back of our successful eBay store we decided to create an ecommerce store which we hope will be an ‘easy to use’ tool for all your steel purchasing.

Our website is

Members of this site can apply at checkout the coupon code 'madmodder' for 5% discount

Very interesting and 5% is welcome but it is possible you are infringing policy by advertising. If not you are very welcome.  :Doh:

I found it a useful and appropriate advert for members here in the UK.

At least they put it in the correct category and made a custom coupon code.  Seems some human effort went into it.


--- Quote from: Biggles on March 16, 2017, 03:34:25 PM ---Very interesting and 5% is welcome but it is possible you are infringing policy by advertising. If not you are very welcome.
--- End quote ---

Biggles - actually I don't think there's any problem at all - not only is it welcome but it is in the forum section "Vendor specials and announcements" whose rubric describes it as a place for vendors and members to post sales, coupon codes and announcements (my emphasis); and to quote from Eric's (forum owner's) first message in this section

--- Quote from: Brass_Machine on March 16, 2012, 12:00:40 PM ---This board is for vendors or members who have a service or item that will benefit members of this forum. Sales information, product announcements and the like should go here........
--- End quote ---

I only wish there wasn't the Irish Sea betwixt them and me!



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