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What Paint for Farm Signs?

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Apple sauce colour obviously !

 How about Hot dip galv, and or powder coating, outside in all weathers, and dust and grit blasting followed by rain and then more dust and grit is going to tear up rough on ordinary paint, lovely sign!

As John Rudd suggested Hammerite would be a good alternative to apoxy,a few years ago we needed to stretch one of our hgv's by adding a 4 ft section of chassis.welded ,blasted .no primer .2 coats of smooth finish black hammerite ,that vehicle has now done over 200.000 k and not a spot of rust through the  paint,pity we didn't paint the rest of the chassis as its all rusted to hell now. :doh:
Peter w 

Lots of people around here pay a lot for that "antique, rusted look".  Just clean it and shine it up and apply some salt water when the weather is mild to moderate.  Apparently this does the job evenly and quickly.

No matter what coating you put on, eventually the base metal will start to rust and will bleed through or the coating will flake off, or both.  If you go with a coating, it's only a matter of time.

Hi Andrew,

If you really want it to last, glaze or have it glazed, a large potters kiln should be sufficient! Lots of really permanent colours.

All the best, Matthew.


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