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What Paint for Farm Signs?

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Well a big step forwards this morning  :thumbup:

I rang a chap who has done car bodywork for me in the past, and it turns out that he has previously worked at a place not too far away that grit blasts and hot zinc sprays. So I've received a very reasonable price for the blasting / zinc spraying (mates rates!) from his previous employer, and the painting he will do in two pack on the premises of the blaster so that the zinc is still fresh.

He's just been and collected them - so progress  :clap:

John Rudd:
So on its return and once erected, it should be easy to spot your place when I come with my caravan..... :lol: :lol:

Good to hear that your local resources are interested in helping you..... A lot of the places here in Hull just aren't....makes getting things done difficult...  :(

John, you the family and the caravan would be most welcome. When things dry up a bit later in the year so you can get on a field, I have even equipped four points with water and electricity as friends and family do the same. If out of season wetness wise there is always room in one of the farm yards to keep you out of the claggy stuff  :clap:

Just tell him to over inflate his tyres... :thumbup:


--- Quote from: mattinker on March 09, 2017, 12:49:25 AM ---Hi Andrew,

If you really want it to last, glaze or have it glazed, a large potters kiln should be sufficient! Lots of really permanent colours.

All the best, Matthew.

--- End quote ---

Hi Andrew,
I think I was to cryptic in my post, I know it's no longer relevant, but I was thinking about the enamelled signs that were actually glazed steel plates, before all the modern finishes! They were glazed on both sides so that they wouldn't warp.
Anyway, it doesn't matter, you got a paint solution!

All the best, Matthew
PS, Warco still underway! Stumbling blocks slowing me down!


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